About Us

At Dalbani Est. for Trading & Industry, we are driven by a passion for delivering exceptional food and beverage experiences to our valued customers. With a legacy that spans over four decades, we have built a reputation for our unwavering commitment to quality, taste, and customer satisfaction.

Our identity is rooted in the pursuit of excellence, whether it’s through our Coffee to Go brand, where we meticulously craft blends that awaken the senses and elevate the coffee-drinking experience, or through our Pick Fine snacks and crackers that tantalize taste buds with their irresistible flavors.

We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients, employing skilled craftsmanship, and staying true to our mission of bringing joy to our customers’ lives through our products. 

At Dalbani Est., we are dedicated to being a trusted name in the industry, delivering culinary delights that surpass expectations and creating memorable moments with every sip and bite


For over four decades, Dalbani Est. for Trading & Industry has been a trusted name, dedicated to delivering exceptional products and memorable experiences to our valued customers.

Our story began in 1982 when Mr. Mohamad, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for quality, founded our company. We started by importing a range of high-quality products from Europe and Southeast Asia, introducing the Lebanese market to a delightful assortment that quickly gained popularity.

As we expanded our operations, we focused on developing and sourcing products that exceed expectations. From our early days, we understood the importance of quality and innovation, which became the cornerstones of our success.

Driven by our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers, we ventured into new product categories, constantly striving to offer a diverse and exciting range. Today, our product portfolio encompasses a variety of offerings that cater to different tastes and preferences.

One of our flagship brands is Coffee to Go, our own line of meticulously crafted coffee blends. From the convenience of our 3in1 and 2in1 options to the indulgence of our cappuccino, we ensure that every cup delivers a rich and satisfying coffee experience. We also offer a range of coffee creamers, enhancing the flavor and creaminess of each sip.

In addition to our coffee offerings, we take pride in our brand Pick Fine, which offers a delightful selection of snacks and crackers. Whether you crave the savory crunch of our crackers or the irresistible flavors of our snacks, Pick Fine is sure to satisfy your snacking desires. Each product is carefully crafted to bring joy to your taste buds.

Furthermore, we also import premium shortening and palm oil from trusted suppliers in Southeast Asia. These versatile cooking ingredients are essential for both professional chefs and home cooks, enabling them to create culinary masterpieces with exceptional taste and texture.

Throughout our journey, we have remained committed to sourcing the finest ingredients, ensuring superior quality in every product we offer. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our passion for innovation continue to drive us forward.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to expanding our product range and introducing new, exciting offerings that bring joy to our customers’ lives. We are grateful for the trust and support of our valued customers, and we invite you to explore our range of exceptional products that deliver on our promise of quality, taste, and satisfaction.

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